Working hard n hard n hard and Fed UP BUT??

Getting up early and getting read to go to the job is the most hardest thing ever. After going into the office when you think to relax a bit the boss come up with a lot of work and keep an eye on you all the time make the day more wonderful.For me this was a new experience but kind of good because now I am in a new world. World of employees, employers.

In a office there is a side that most of the people does not see. Every one blame hard work the time they spend in the office. Most of the people try to leave the office in the afternoon. But every one does not realize how much they are involve with the people in the office. When you retire or leave a job that you did more than 2 or 3 years you cannot leave with a smile. Inside you know even with the hard work you had a great time in the office with the people you work. That’s the common truth for every one in this world.

“Try to enjoy your life what ever you do then you will be success in what you are doing”

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